Pigeons can be a real nuisance, but it's not their fault. They need to go somewhere! We're happy to relocate, clean, design and install a system that will eradicate your problem by using the following techniques:


Skyline Maintenance uses polyethylene bird netting (which is effective on building frontages) for proofing light wells, roof spaces, eaves, canopies and other areas used by pigeons, starlings, gulls and house sparrows. The tensioned system is made up of 2mm wire with anchors and intermediate fixings. The main anchor fixings are attached to barrel strainers which in turn are tensioned. The net is then tensioned using stainless hog rings. Systems like this can last up to 10 years.

Defender spikes

Defender spikes and pigeon spikes are a humane way of preventing birds from landing on ridges, chimneys, aerials, pipes, gutters and window ledges. They are easy to apply and are cost effective.

Birds of prey

Plastic falcons, hawks and other bird of prey decoys have been used to repel birds for hundreds of years. They are a great and effective way to remedy this problem. Pigeons and other small birds believe life-size falcons to be a threat and will therefore stay away from the area where the plastic hawk decoy is situated.

Avi shock

Avishock is an alternative system of pigeon control that uses energised track designed to modify the birds’ behaviour by stimulus rather than by installing a physical barrier. Avishock track is fixed to ledges and features where pigeons, starlings or even seagulls perch, roost or nest and delivers a harmless but disconcerting electric shock – like the way that electric fencing manages farm livestock.

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